What do Business Intelligence professionals want from their next job?

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What do Business Intelligence professionals want from their next job?

In the ever-changing world of business intelligence, it is important to know what drives the market. As a hiring manager, understanding what BI professionals are looking for in work keeps you one step ahead of the market. It also allows you to understand if you are an attractive employer. The Precision Sourcing BI team has been speaking to the BI market to find out what people want in their next role.

We asked the simple question – What is the most important component that will drive you to accept your next role OR help you stay where you are? Below are the common themes that came out.


Insight #1 – Permanent market

Some very clear themes came out from speaking to permanent candidates. Buzz words included:
· Strategic direction
· Transformational change
· Seat at the table
· Business change
The obvious direction that BI professionals want to head, is into a role that affects broader business change. This was a common theme from all levels from junior to senior.
To add more meat to the bone some direct quotes:
· “I’m looking for something that involves transformational change business-wide”
· “I am looking to be involved in the strategic direction of the business”
· “I want the BI team to have a seat at the table for decision making through the proper use of data”
· “Being involved in the strategic direction of the business to implement the most effective technology for long term prosperity”

Insight #2 – Contract Market

There was more variety in what contract candidates were looking for. Some buzz words were:
· Flexibility
· Long-term
· Technology focus
· Location
The needs of contractors are very different from permanent. The key themes focused around finding a contract that was in the right location, with a high amount of flexibility and a long-term outlook. A common theme also centred around being able to use the most up to date technology.
Quotes included:
· “Flexibility with location and start/finish timeframes is essential”
· “Long term contracts, over 6 months are attractive”
· “Finding work that fits around my family, thus flexibility is important”
· “Advancing my skills in the newest tech”
· “An opportunity to develop into newer technologies would be ideal”

Insight #3 – All together now

There was one final piece that came out across both permanent and contract and that was around the culture of the business:
· “I want to work somewhere that has a warm and collaborative team”
· “I want to be given the opportunity to flourish in an inviting environment:
· “Working somewhere that has minimal politics would be the best!”
Some important themes came out of this exercise. Is this what your team can offer potential hires? You’ll be able to answer yes to most on a basic level but where real value occurs is if you can attribute specific things you do in your team that align.
For further insight into the data market, you can get in touch with the right team member at https://www.precisionsourcing.com.au/team-members/