Craig Sibley

Senior Consultant- Cloud/Data Project Management

After finishing his studies, Craig Sibley dove straight into the sales environment and consistently met customer needs in the UK insurance market. He had a desire to move to Australia, with some family situated here, and a desire to ‘get out there’. It was a big leap at a young age to attempt this new path and he continued his success working in the insurance sector, before taking a step into the education sector and working in a business development role for a year.

He came to a crossroads, as to whether he wanted to go down the account management path or into recruitment. As soon as he came in for an interview at Precision Sourcing with Joel, Simon and Jill, he could see this is where his future would lie for years to come and took the offer.


LinkedIn Recommendations

Ami Shah
Program Officer

"Craig is the best recruiter that I have ever met! Craig provided me with an incredible service that is second to none. His recruitment company and team is one of a kind, and throughout the process of placing me into a role, he supported me in my applications as closely as my direct recruitment agent. For a reliable, considerate service, with recruiters who genuinely care about your application, I would look no further than Craig’s Recruitment Company.”

Chandni Singh
IT Projects and Applications Manager

"Never met a recruiter who had such attention to detail & care! Craig has exceptional work ethics & is a role-model for other recruiters. Keep it up Craig!"

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