Contingent & Permanent Staffing Solutions

Via our unique and modern recruitment process we identify and attract dormant talent within SAP, Data and Project Services.  Speak to the team today about your open vacancy and how we can help you source great talent.


Modern recruiter Approach (1)

Retained Search

Our unique retained search model allows clients to comfortably pay fees as we deliver agreed outcomes via a staged recruitment process.

Each retained search model and process can be adapted to the client need.

A question clients often ask is “why would we retain a recruitment firm when we can engage several other recruitment businesses without the up-front fee.”

The Precision Sourcing retained search model offers extensive and meticulous research engaging a higher volume of our delivery team ensuring that the return on investment is exponential.

Retained Process


Statement of Work – Professional Services

Precisive is Precision Sourcing’s sister business that delivers outcome based SOW professional service solutions.  To understand more speak with the team or check out the Precisive website here



Transition Coaching & Outplacement Services

Due to the uncertainty and nature of the economic landscape since COV19 it is imperative that Precision Sourcing adapts and provides alternative services to both candidates and clients alike.


Transition coaching and outplacement services is our unique way of ;

  • Offering support and guidance to those individuals who require alternative direction when navigating a career change
  • Allowing employers to offer a bridge and service to employees as they transition out of the business


As highly experienced proven experts within their field Precision Sourcing has partnered with Leading Well to deliver our candidate and client transition coaching and outplacement services.

To understand more click here


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We will second highly experienced recruitment experts from our team to your business. Leveraging the internal Precision Sourcing methodology and technology / systems this allows us to strategically source a high volume of talent quickly.  Leave the recruitment to the experts who have the tools, knowledge, skill, experience and know how.


To find out more about our RPO service speak to the team today


Market Mapping / Survey’s – Brand Candidate Engagement

Ever wondered what the Data market really thinks about a potential career within your business?  Concerned about the challenges you may face attracting niche SAP resources for your next SAP project?  Interested to understand how your brand is perceived within the Project Services talent market?


We will partner with you to reach out and engage talent to understand how they feel about a potential career within your business.  By doing so you can gain invaluable insight to learn and adapt to become a more attractive employer.


To find out more get in touch with Simon Hair.



Unique and collaborative events are an imperative for our business.  They offer talent the opportunity to come together and share insights and knowledge.  We host a significant number of value add events that showcase world class innovative solutions, work practices and learnings.  To understand how you can sponsor, present, or become part of the narrative see our events page and reach out.