The Role of AI in Future Technology

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The Role of AI in Future Technology

Hasta la vista, baby!

Who knew the words spoken by the Terminator some 25 years ago would one day resonate so with the current world. Is this all there is to Artificial Intelligence or do we need to step outside the perpetual bubble formed by Hollywood?

AI has already started making a great impact on our daily lives. Self driving cars, robots, drones, facial recognition, cancer detecting algorithms & personal assistants. All of these implementations of AI developed for use in the real world. AI based technologies are giving us a taste of what what is achievable and the disruption of the modern world. AI is changing our expectations in terms of performance and accuracy of our daily tasks. There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence will be playing a major role in the future technologies and how we think of the world around us.


Some of the ways I foresee the Role of AI impacting our lives are the following:


Personalised Learning

Every individual has their own capacity and potential to learn. No longer will there be a ‘one size fits all’ type of education. The individual’s behavior, strengths, weakness and learning capacity will be the basis of AI systems. With tailored programs to suit each individual. Hasta la vista, baby! To the old educational system.


Detection of Potential Hazardous/Dangerous Situation

Security is one of the main concerns for people around the world. This includes terror threats! AI could help us detect potential dangerous situations allowing for prompt response time. Hopefully minimising the effects and saving human lives without human intervention. Image recognition and processing video in real time is possible through AI.


Reversing the effect of Global Warming

The amount of data that AI has access to is so large and is growing by the minute. AI is bound to detect such patterns and information that may lead to discovering ways to reverse or stop the effects of global warming.


Robots for Dangerous Missions

There are still several life threatening tasks that are being performed by human beings. With AI at its core, these tasks will transferred to robots such as bomb disposal and cleaning of toxic wastes.

The Role of AI in Future Technology

Medical Assistance

Robots and AI can have a major impact on the health care industry; particularly elderly care. Robots can be present and available 24 hours a day without any breaks and can make decision to save lives. They can also be present in the case of emergencies and provide quality care.


Content Generation

IBM Watson was able to create a trailer for a movie which incorporated AI. This is a very promising field of personalised content tailored for each individual. Targeted ads are a very narrow use of this. With the advancement in AI we can expect content such as movies, text and audio generated using AI in the future.



Where do humans fit in this future of Artificial Intelligence? As jobs get replaced with AI, there will be a transitional period. With the arrival of AI, there will be new fields created for humans. A hundred years ago who would have imagined that IT or fields related to computers would be employing such a huge work force in the world. We can imagine that AI will have the same effect.

The Role of AI in Future Technology

Are we moving towards a war between humans and machines? Artificial Intelligence has surpassed human accuracy in some specific cases but not as a cognitive whole. There is an imperative need to have guidelines going forward into Artificial Intelligence. The recent example of Facebook’s AI systems communicating with each other in their own language indicates a need for regulation.


Hasta La Vista to the old world and Welcome to the new world powered by Artificial Intelligence.