How to secure a role from overseas!

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how to secure a job overseas

How to secure a role from overseas!

When I recently entered the IT recruitment industry in Australia, it became apparent how many people were securing a role from overseas. Including myself! I’d like to share my experience of moving from NZ to Australia, the challenges I faced and some suggestions I would give to others.
To give you a brief overview… I visited Sydney for the weekend October last year to see my best friend, Emily Nota from Otago University. At the time I was a recruitment consultant in Wellington, New Zealand. Surprisingly enough she was also a recruiter. During my stay we attended a social occasion with her workmates, the long and the short of it, we got on like a house on fire! They joked about the idea that I should join their agency, Precision Sourcing. After a couple of phone calls and a Skype Interview with the team. Fast forward two months and I had secured myself a role starting in February next year. It was a great opportunity to have exposure to the Australian recruitment industry, progress my career and join a fantastic team! I moved to Sydney, Australia in January and commenced my role as a rookie. It was a no brainer to live in Manly on the Northern Beaches, soak up the sun, be close to my friends and the bonus of less than a half hour commute to the office. I gave myself about two weeks to settle in and have a break before commencing my role.
The challenges I have seen others face over the past three months in Australia include:
1. Receiving a visa prior to moving into the country
2. Networking with others in your industry
3. Knowing where to live
4. Seeking a role too far in advance and the inability to attend interviews face to face.
5. Create a personal brand on social media
I was very lucky when coming to Australia. I only experienced first hand 3 and 4 but reflecting on my own journey and the insight I have had into others experience have assisted me with these tips!
How to secure a role from overseas!
how to secure a job overseas

Tip 1.

Create a network in your industry. This could be with recruiters, LinkedIn connections or managers who are relevant to your specific skill set. The bigger your network in your new location the easier it is to stay in tune with what is going on in the market. Also, there is a large emphasis in Australia and NZ on who you know not what you know! This meaning that although your skill set is relevant, the team fit dominates.

Tip 2.

I see it time and time again, candidates enquiring about a role, but they have not yet secured a working visa for Australia. Most of the time they have applied for the visa and are waiting for it to be processed. This could take at least 6 months and sometimes up to a year. I recommend that candidates wait for confirmation of their visa before applying for a role. The hiring process from meeting the candidate to placing them in a role should only take one month maximum if there are no hiccups along the way. As a Kiwi I was lucky in this respect, no visa is required for working rights in Australia!

Tip 3.

If you have the opportunity, visit the city you are planning to work in prior to relocating. This gives you a taste of the culture and environment. It would also give you the chance to meet face to face with any recruiters or organisations that you would be keen to work with. This allows for a smoother recruitment process as there is a better understanding of your personality and how you will fit in the organisation. I had previously lived in Sydney in 2015 and had a quick trip over, late last year. Therefore, I was able to have a better understanding of what kind of career opportunities were on offer and where was best to live in relation to my role.

Tip 4.

This leads me to my next point. Do plenty of research around the location of your role and where you are planning to live. Even better, organise temporary accommodation with a family or friend for the first couple of months before where you would like to live. I was lucky because the ferry from Manly to Circular Key is right on my door step. It has become a common mistake for candidates securing a role from overseas to not be living within adequate distance to potential roles. This is because they were unfamiliar of their new environment. Make sure there is a reliable and efficient source of public transport from the origin to the destination of your role! You don’t want to be commuting any longer than an hour and a half!

Tip 5.

Establish a personal brand on social media for yourself. Be sure that your LinkedIn profile accurately reflects your CV. The potential employer will be able to get the best understanding of your skills and experience and perhaps your personality this way. As a recruiter my LinkedIn profile is already well established with my experience, skills, a photo and more!
how to secure a job overseas
So if you are wondering how to secure a job from overseas please read our tips above and take action! We will see you soon in sunny Australia!