Engage Simply With SAP

Knowledge Share Group, SAP

Precision Sourcing hosted their 5th Knowledge Share Group on Thursday 1st June 2017. One of the topics that the group had expressed an interest in was ‘how to get the best out of SAP’  and how to engage simply with SAP.  Not as a system but as a company.  As a senior stakeholder within a SAP run business the sheer size of SAP can be overwhelming when trying to navigate amongst the various Account Directors, Client Partners, etc…. Who do you speak with if you are interested in S/4 Hana, Fiori or simply want to get a quick health check across your architecture.


With this in mind, I was lucky enough to be able to reach out to SAP Australia’s Service & Support Partner for Digital Services – Alex Aitken.


Alex kindly agreed to present to the Knowledge Share Group with the title of his presentation ‘how to navigate the complexity and engage simply with SAP’.


Alex showcased;

  • The complexity of SAP internally as an organisation (did you know that they have 350’000 customers in 180 countries and SAP produces 78% of the worlds food as well as 82% of the world’s medical devices)

  • The SAP networks and account management structure and processes

  • Some recent case studies and examples of engaging simply with SAP


To summaries Alex explained that  SAP has abroad product offering which can at times make engaging with them complex however it is in fact very simple;


  • If you are interested in purchasing software or licensing then engage your designated Account Executive or Director

  • If you are interested in purchasing managed services then engage your designated Client Partner

  • If your query or question is not one of the above then reach out to your Service & Support Partner


The below diagram offers a basic overview of how a typical engagement may look.


Alex then offered 3 great case studies that showed how quickly and efficiently engaging with SAP can be if done in the right way and following the correct process.


Alex explained that a typical SAP customer should involve SAP to get the best out of our products and services. Too often SAP is engaged late or only when something has gone wrong. Ideally, you should;


·         Build your strategy and/or identify the issue and involve SAP

·         Identify the solution & build a plan and involve SAP

·         Execute the plan and involve SAP


To summarise Alex finished by suggesting that the way to optimise SAP is to understand who your account team are, engage with them regularly and on specific matters, projects or issue resolution, engage with them as early as possible


On behalf of everyone that attended the Knowledge Share Group v.1.5 and the team at Precision Sourcing, we would like to say a massive thank you to Alex for his support and commitment to giving back to the SAP ecosystem.


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