Service Operations: A Weak Link

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Service Operations: A chain is only as strong as its weakest link

Well-developed service operations is only as good as how it transitions into day-day operational support. This is how an organisation realises the benefits and success of the service.
Organisations rely on IT to meet their business objectives. IT is no longer an enabler, it (IT) has become an integral part of business itself. To such an extent that it coexists with business promoting growth. In this fast-paced digital transformation age where organisations are embracing change; introduction of new offerings, service operations enhancements and modernisation are of paramount importance. As is their stability in operations. To meet and exceed customer commitments and to stay competitive.
Have you ever experienced programs and projects responsible for:
  • New offerings?
  • Services enhancements?
  • Modernisation?
Who have pushed something off the wall to operations? Who have no clue about what to support and how to support? Only left to discover things through failures at the cost of business?
Stable operations are not about maintaining the existing systems and applications healthy. Stable operations manage change in a controlled and structured manner, avoiding adverse impact. Ensuring those services are valid and tested against its design assuring not just “fit for use” but “fit for purpose”. Operations stability begins at its design stage and the transition into operations is an area which is often not given the required focus. This is one of the main causes organisations are not able to realise the optimal benefits from deployed services, or may even result in failures.
While managing a change such as introducing a new service or enhancements to existing services, deployments must factor the requirements of people, process, products and partners. Right from planning to build to test and production rollout. This ensures change is not only implemented successfully but yields desired benefits. Programs have vested interest in meeting scope, schedule and cost requirements. Service transition and quality needs more attention. Unrealistic requirements from operations shouldn’t become impediments to programs/projects. Service transitions carried out by an external entity ensure an unbiased approach, thus creating a win-win situation. Programs/projects thus meet their objectives while fulfilling the SMART requirements of operations.
A well-planned and executed service transition provides transparency on service health at all stages of deployment.
Before services roll into production and ‘go live’ decision making occurs its important to:
  • Measuring service readiness
  • Preparation of operations to take over
  • Mitigation of risks and issues resolution
This reduces post go live incidents and avoids impact on production environment. Aiding close integration between programs and operations. Resulting in the transition of services via a secure, stable and sustainable environment.
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