‘Why a robot won’t take your job’ – Dom Price

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What to expect from the Precision Sourcing event – ‘Why a robot won’t take your job’ with Atlassian’s workforce futurist Dom Price

Slides from the evening:


If you are anything like myself you have found yourself pondering if AI or a robot could possibly replace you and the role that you do.  It’s happening now and very soon with UBER and self-driving cars and again across a variety of industries and sectors. But, don’t fear. Dom explains why a robot won’t take your job.

I wonder at times if I am in denial in thinking that my superior recruitment skills and understanding of the craft levitate me above the impeding change.  Anyway, I jumped at the chance to engage the super knowledgeable Atlassian Workforce Futurist Dom Price to speak with our talent community at the next Precision Sourcing event.

Due to the popularity of Dom and the internal battle at Precision Sourcing to engage Dom for an event we have amalgamated all of the Precision Sourcing event brands to host Dom.  This is therefore very much an SAP Knowledge Share Group, Women in Data, Code Chiefs and Change Leadership Group event.

So what can you expect to learn and understand from Dom?


Well I caught up with him to discuss what to expect at the next event.

Dom believes that businesses are very much set up to deliver efficiency rather than effectiveness which isn’t a great place to be today.  We are fast approaching the fourth industrial revolution meaning change.  When disruption happens in a 100 hundred year cycle, efficiency works as the repetition of process works.

Many businesses today are still set-up as they always have been.  A boss, workers delivering, and following the process.  Think of it like a form of centralised decision making that is sent down a chain of command – a bit like the armed forces or a factory type scenario.

Dom is going to challenge this concept.

At ‘Why a robot won’t take your job’, expect to discuss the relevance of KPI’s when managing people as Dom reflects that KPI’s are possibly holding teams back.  A more useful focus should be outputs and outcomes that require more patience, skill and commitment.

Overtime the graduates of today will hold several different jobs in their lifetimes across a variety of different sectors.  Dom will discuss if the current education ‘factory’ system is preparing us for the challenges that lie ahead as a workforce.

So what type of person should you employ and what type of person will thrive in the workforce of tomorrow?

Sadly I can’t offer any further insight without spoilers but I will leave you with this from Dom,

“As we redefine the relationship between person and machine, we also need to create a future workforce quite different than the one we have had previously”. – Dom Price

If you are interested in attending this Precision Sourcing event reach out to jaden@precisionsourcing.com.au

Simon Hair & Dom Price