The Top SAP technologies that are on trend for 2019


Having spoken to almost 1,500 SAP Consultants, Specialist, Project and Program Managers last year, here is what we’ve heard will be the  ‘Top SAP technologies’ that are on trend for 2019 (with a little help from my friends)!

It’s a new year and a new you. While the years on the calendar continue to change (often much too fast for any of our liking), somethings never do. Never let it be said that those in the SAP market aren’t always hungry for knowledge of new skills and modules!


1. S/4 HANA

While it was off to a bit of a rocky start when it was first released in 2015, S/4 HANA looks like it’s finally found its feet, after boasting an almost 43% increase in use in the first quarter of 2018 alone. Keep your eyes on this one ladies and gents as we had almost 20 roles requiring S/4 HANA expertise last year!


“With existing SAP sites either going for an upgrade or re-implementation of the core ERP to fully utilise the S/4 HANA capabilities. Many organisations Digital transformation strategy would be to move away from in-house data centres to the cloud and this opportunity could be used to upgrade to on-premise S/4 HANA on Private or Public Cloud. The public cloud version of S/4 HANA will also mature with more shorter project implementation timelines in the SMB market” – Damodran Nair (Program Delivery Manager)


“With greater demand for data accessibility, S/4 HANA provides capabilities that allow ERP data accessible from mobile devices and central to that mobility are Fiori applications. So upskill to keep up with the demand for such skills!” – Calvin Tan (SAP S/4 HANA Finance Specialist)


2. SAP Analytics Cloud & Big Data

Aone-stop-shop for connecting people, information and ideas to encourage faster and confident decision making in business, I saw more and more hiring managers asking for this skillset and the Aussie market could barely keep up. I only know of 10 true experts in the Aussie market at the moment. If you’ve got some free time on your hands, then definitely start poking around in SAP Analytics Cloud.


 “Using Big Data, Analytics and AI, organisations will become more insight driven.”  – Damodran Nair


3. SAP Ariba

Acquired by SAP itself in 2012, this once California based tech is worldwide, and it’s right on the doorstep of the Australian market. Ariba cuts the fat out of procurement, streamlining the processes such as vendor and contract management through its Network capabilities. Ariba is one more skillset that the market in Australia is definitely lacking in, so get amongst it!


4. SAP SuccessFactors

It puts talent in touch with talent. If SAP SuccessFactors had it’s way, then it would put me out of a job. Having said that, it’s also giving me a lot of work…funny how that works sometimes! We had 10 roles in 2018 that called for SAP SuccessFactors expertise last year – but countless more required at least general knowledge. (Just don’t get too good at it, otherwise I really will be out of a job)



An oldie but a goodie. SAP FICO has its hands in so many pies, that there just aren’t enough of you to go around! It’s been around for ages, and it will probably stay around for ages. Upgrading your skills to S/4 Finance especially understanding functionality, process, consolidation and technical changes is like finding a yellow brick road that leads right to Oz. If Oz in this weird metaphor is hire-ability that is!

“The S/4 HANA Finance provides faster processing time. This results in better and quicker insights and results to the business. Simplified real-time reporting allows more capacity to analyse quality data as input to business performance. Fiori apps, new user interface, they both provide a simple way to use analytical and transactional applications, providing broader and useful functions for business users.”  – Calvin Tan



An honourable mention must also go to SAP Leonardo – but I like even numbers of 5 so I’ll let Damodran Nair tell you more about it:

“ Machine Learning capabilities will further be in demand as organisations look at ways to use Big Data, build adaptive learning and intelligent decision making capabilities” – Damodran Nair



So there you go! Is this what you’ve been finding in the market too? Let me know! And educate me! I’m almost a year into the game but let me tell you – I feel like I’m still trying to wrap my head around all this SAP stuff.