Knowledge Share Group v.1.3.

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On Thursday 6th October Precision Sourcing hosted their third Knowledge Share Group in partnership with Jobadder.


Based out of Jobadders Sydney offices the Knowledge Share Group (KSG) brought together 30 leaders within the SAP domain.  The group has a particular focus on collaboration and sharing learnings with presentations following a discussion format to generate Q & A. Read more on what the SAP Knowledge Share Group is HERE


Knowledge Share Group v.1.3. was lucky enough to have Dr. Andree Leidenfrost presenting.  Andree is a passionate and knowledgeable business and transformation technologist who has worked across a variety of industries and environments throughout his career.  Andree is a regular attendee of TechEd in Las Vegas and after visiting TechEd 2016 in September, Andree kindly agreed to present his findings to the SAP KSG.



With a number of technologists present Andree generated an entertaining and fascinating evening with his insight and feedback from TechEd.


Some of the findings from TechEd were;


  • Nothing revolutionary, but lots of good evolutionary things
  • Use of Open Source & open standards keeps growing (Node.js, Hadoop, Spark, Cloud Factory, …)
  • DevOps Architecture/Enablement: XSA, Microservices & Cloud Foundry
  • Democratisation (HANA Express)
  • UX is king in many ways (Fiori, Build, Run Simple, …)
  • Cloud First continues (new features in HCP first, Digital Boardroom exclusive)
  • Analytics tools consolidation & becoming more pervasive / embedded


Like any efficient German should, Andree finished his presentation on time and the Knowledge Share Group were able to dedicate the rest of the evening to networking and some drinks.


See below a short video showing some of the attendees giving feedback on the Knowledge Share Group.  If you have any particular questions about Andree’s presentation or the Knowledge Share Group then get in touch via