What Did Precision Sourcing Learn From Savage Sell – 10 Quick Points

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What Did Precision Sourcing Learn From Savage Sell – 10 Quick Points

The team at Precision Sourcing were lucky enough to attend the Savage Sell masterclass recently.


It was a lot of information to absorb over 4.5 hours but a brilliant morning that taught us a few things whilst reminding us of a few important parts of the role of a recruiter that we can tend to forget.  I have to summarised the key 10 points that resonated with myself and the team at Precision Sourcing.


1.Dress 1 step above your clients:

We discuss dress code and what is appropriate a lot at Precision Sourcing. I know a lot of recruiters have a variety of thoughts on this and it is easy to think that just because your clients dress in t-shirts and jeans that you should follow.  Savage’s advice was raise the bar one step above the person you are meeting.

2. A placed contractor is an appreciating asset therefore any contract to permanent placement fee should reciprocate this:

A lot of clients have a perception that any contract to permanent fee should decrease over time when in fact it is the opposite. If you take in to account that the contractor is a tried and tested safe hire with an abundance of intellectual knowledge gained it becomes clear why.  The analogy that explains it beautifully is “after renting a home for 3 years, would you receive a discount on the purchase price”? We know the answer.

3. Exclusivity is in a client’s best interest:

As an industry we just need to explain why, better and more often.

4. On average we fill 1 out of 5 vacancies in Australia:

As an industry we waste a significant amount of time on poor business.  This time could be focussed on a number of activities including better quality business.

5. Clients want;

  • Our proven track record of delivering for others
  • The power of our ideas and creativity
  • Chemistry and rapport

6. How we collaborate as a team within a business will differentiate us from others:

Greg offered a slide of 15 points that we interpreted as a ‘are you a dickhead test’. See below the collaboration slide. What did you score out of 15? Are you a team player who is collaborative or a bit of a dickhead?

savage sells

7. Use ‘10 seconds of courage’ to be brave enough to execute the tasks we put off and delay:

Think of those difficult calls or conversations that we all find uncomfortable.  Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and use 10 seconds of courage.

8. When using social tools such as LinkedIn remember it is an opportunity to add value via your content:

Offer insights, surveys, relevant news or information that will bring value to your audience.  Social tools are another medium to communicate and sell what you do and the value you bring.

9. Clients only see the tip of the iceberg:

As an industry we assume that clients understand and know what we do as a modern recruitment business.  The reality is that we should be educating what work and effort goes in to sourcing talent. The below slide offers some background. As a team at Precision Sourcing we are now focusing on a quick easy explanation for clients to educate what we actually do to identify, attract and place that niche candidate.

 Savage Sells

10. Some of our client relationships are a bit ‘flabby’:

Greg offered a great template that can be used to assess the strength of your client relationships.  See the template below. Pick your best clients and find out if the relationship is fit or flabby.

savage sell