What’s the job: law or recruitment?

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What’s the job: law or recruitment?

The number one question I was asked when interviewing for roles as a recruiter was always:


“What are you doing here? You’re a law student, you could be doing anything else!”
I think people thought that maybe I’d wasted five years of law school and that I’d have debt up to my ears for a degree I’d never use. And to be fair, there was many a time during my law degree that I thought “Why am I doing this, when I know I don’t want to be a lawyer?”


I even had one interviewer interrupt me half way through the interview, telling me that I should rethink my choice in career, that maybe I should steer clear from recruitment.


Four months in, I’d have to disagree with her. Strongly. I’d be hard pressed to find a job that requires more blood, sweat and tears (literally) than a recruitment role. And I’d be more hard pressed to find a job that’s more rewarding.


Law and recruitment really aren’t so different. At first, I was completely taken aback by the similarities. Now whenever I see one, I’m just surprised I’d not noticed it sooner.


So I’m making a game for us all to play:


What’s the job: law or recruitment?


The rules of the game:

I’ll be releasing little blogs like this every once in a while and it’ll have a story it in – it won’t say which profession it comes from, and it could be a skill, a situation, a scenario – whichever.


You guys choose whether it happens in law or recruitment!


Let’s play everyone!


Scenario One:

I once had a training session on how to give the best handshake. This training session went for one hour!


In it, it was explained that a handshake is the first point of reference for someone that you’re meeting. There are three types of handshakes:

  1. The Limp Noodle. Name says it all – if you’re not giving a firm handshake, then you’re not exuding a firm persona. P.S. If you’re trying to be gentle with a female colleague, then please never think this again. I’m out to make my handshake known guys and girls, it’s a simple sign of respect.


  1. The Bone Crusher. While you don’t want to be the above, you don’t want me to think I’ve done anything to offend you with how hard you’re crushing my hand. Find the balance. Find that inner balance.


  1. Keep good posture, hold eye contact (for an appropriate amount of time). It’s one shake up, and one shake down. Never more, never less. It should only go for two seconds, and for goodness sake – smile! Greet the person, and repeat their name.


A handshake tells a lot about a person – and it’s definitely a test. Don’t let people tell you different. There’s something to be said about reading a book by it’s cover. Book covers are there for a reason.


awkward handshake



So – which is it? Recruitment? Or law?