What to expect from the Change Leadership Group- Humanising Change

Change Leadership Group

What to expect from the Change Leadership Group- Humanising Change?

You may be wondering why are we having this event for senior leaders and Change leaders?

According to a 2017 McKinsey study 85% of large-scale organisational change efforts fails (85%).


At our evening together I would like to discuss the Human factors which are often not addressed well or brought into change programs in a sustained, systematic and high-leverage way.  As the speed and complexity of change increases these human factors will be more critical to get right.


Secondly, at Chaordic Global we understand that the now/future of change and work will include AI, machine learning and robotics – the differentiating factor will be humanity/machine co-existence in the workplace.  How can you best adapt for this as a leader?


If you are transactional leader or task manager unwilling to adapt and up skill you may well be replaced by an algorithm or a robot.


The value add will be in your ability to build safety, trust, be approachable and show empathy to all stakeholders.

Also future leaders will need to make data-driven decisions with discernment, wisdom and insight.  Then you can work with  data sets and insights to make better decisions AND be a more effective, fast-change leader in an increasingly uncertain and chaordic world (ie finding the emerging, highe value order in chaos).  This is another aspect of the Human side of change and how we will need to adapt.


Specifically we will look at:


  • The challenges of increasing Uncertainty and Chaos and the hidden upside


  • What is the difference between project management, change management and transformational change leadership?


  • What are the 4 core competencies for leading transformational change – Holistic Change Model


  • What are the missing Human factors that contribute to produce lasting and successful change?


  • What are the missing Intelligences required for managing change as a future-ready Leaders?


The Change Leadership Group- Humanising Change, will be held in the Sydney CBD on 23 August and is for Senior Leaders and Change Leaders.


I look forward to seeing you there for a productive, enjoyable and thought-provoking evening together.


Humanising Change – How Are You Going To Adapt