Next Code Chiefs Event: April 6th


What is Code Chiefs?

The purpose of Precision Sourcing is to Help Talent Achieve.  Events have become a key part of the Precision Sourcing strategy and are a great way for us to give back to the niche markets we recruit in.

We are now halfway through 2017, so we thought it was about time we joined the party in the Software Development world, thus ‘Code Chiefs’ was born.

As most people know today’s software market is saturated when it comes to events and meet-ups so it was a challenge to conjure up something that was different and would provide another angle not covered by the successful events running today.

We spoke to an abundance of clients and candidates to get their thoughts and insight.  After some heated internal discussion, we opted for the name ‘CodeChiefs’ and a logo that was politically correct and would adhere to cultural appropriation guidelines set out by the American indigenous population.


What Is The Purpose Of Code Chiefs?

‘Code Chiefs’ aims to bring together leaders in the Software Development Market to collaborate, share challenges, successes and knowledge whilst grabbing a beer and meeting new people. The first event ‘Foundations for Success’ will be hosted at Facebook offices (had to sneak that in there) and will see David Bolton and Alvin Tolentino provide insight into how they as leaders in software have set up and led successful projects alongside the challenges that they have faced and overcome.

We are purposefully keeping the group small and invite only to facilitate discussion rather than presentations that then lead to people possibly being a little nervous to ask questions such as in larger events.


What Can You Expect To Get Out Of Code Chiefs?

We really hope that by tagging along to the event we can present you with some value. It might be in the form of meeting someone new, learning something that you may be able to implement in your current working environment or perhaps just knowing that you can pick up the phone to a new connection.


How Do I Get Involved as a Speaker or Guest?

The event is invite only and aimed at innovative leaders within the software development space.  You must be an avid sharer, happy to contribute to the learning of others and share failures with pride and grace whilst enjoying a beer.

To get involved express your interest HERE.