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Humanising Change – How Are You Going To Adapt



Change Leadership Group


The Change Leadership Group is a collaboration of thought leaders within the Australian Project Services Domain. The purpose of the group is to share learnings, experiences and knowledge to ‘Help Talent Achieve’. This is the first event of the series which is exclusive and invite only.


We are very fortunate to have one of Australia’s Leading Change Management Consultants to be running this interactive workshop for us on ‘Is there ever ANY value in Change Management programs?


This interactive session will allow participants to;


  • understand that without a degree of behaviour change at all levels of the organisation, projects are unlikely to deliver successful, sustainable outcomes
  • gain insights into their personal style and how effective that might (or might not be) be in influencing stakeholders
  • take away a model and approach which they can use to be more successful on their projects
  • critique practitioners who are promoting the standard mechanistic approach to change management


To register your interest to attend, please get in touch with