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Webinar – Overcoming the stakeholder barrier when leading projects remotely

Thank you to everyone who attended one of our recent webinars titled Overcoming the Stakeholder Barrier when Leading Projects Remotely.

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Topic Stakeholder and Change Impact Analysis

Description  Do Better Analysis, If You Want To Improve Your Change Management Strategy, and build better Stakeholder relationships.

New to Stakeholder, and Change Analysis or need to explain it to your team?
This educational webinar is meant for Change Management Practitioners, Project Management Specialists, HR Professionals, Trainers, Business Analysts, and Organizational Leaders.

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Purpose and key takeaways

Under ‘normal’ circumstances, engaging stakeholders is a key challenge when delivering projects. Leaders are required to manage their teams through the change process, keep their business on track whilst also experiencing their own personal change.  In normal times, we expect leaders to manage their teams through the change process as well as keeping their business on track and experiencing their personal change. How much more difficult is it with these current business conditions and with our opportunities for authentic face-to-face engagement virtually eliminated. Yet the imperative remains.

The presenters would like to open a discussion on innovative options available to program managers and change managers and demonstrate the jTask Pulse Change Management cloud-based tool which is supporting effective stakeholder engagement across a range of global implementations where personal interaction is highly restricted. 


Gillian Phillips

Gillian Phillips is an accomplished Change Management Specialist focused on navigating organisations and their people through the change journey as they embark on new ways of working by leveraging technology, systems and improved processes.

Gillian Phillips has over 15 years of experience working in Australia, Silicon Valley (California) and Sweden as the Change Management Lead on multiple end-to-end transformation programs.

Gillian Phillips is committed to discovering innovations that enable a better change management experience driven by good collaboration as well as improved visibility for managers around the impact of change on their teams. Improved visibility leads to the formulation of targeted strategies and plans, minimises stakeholder resistance, maximises employee adoption and usage and leads to benefits realisation.

Paul Lee

Paul Lee is a highly experienced advisor who specialises in helping organisations embed new ways of working to deliver significant business and personal benefits.

Paul has over thirty years’ experience in helping organizations build capability and commitment to continually transform and develop an appetite for change. Paul is passionate about ensuring that leaders take total responsibility for the changes they require and the advisor role is to ensure a successful process is in place to help the local teams succeed.

What will I take from the session?

  • Looking at the challenge from the stakeholder perspective – what options does that offer
  • Developing your agreed co – commitment statement
  • Providing visibility on the things that matter – how the tool gives the stakeholder understanding, control and confidence 

Who should participate?

  • Program leaders
  • PMO leaders
  • Change Leaders






Humanising Change – How Are You Going To Adapt



Change Leadership Group


The Change Leadership Group is a collaboration of thought leaders within the Australian Project Services Domain. The purpose of the group is to share learnings, experiences and knowledge to ‘Help Talent Achieve’. This is the first event of the series which is exclusive and invite only.


We are very fortunate to have one of Australia’s Leading Change Management Consultants to be running this interactive workshop for us on ‘Is there ever ANY value in Change Management programs?


This interactive session will allow participants to;


  • understand that without a degree of behaviour change at all levels of the organisation, projects are unlikely to deliver successful, sustainable outcomes
  • gain insights into their personal style and how effective that might (or might not be) be in influencing stakeholders
  • take away a model and approach which they can use to be more successful on their projects
  • critique practitioners who are promoting the standard mechanistic approach to change management


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