What Can You Expect To Take Away From The Change Leadership Group ?

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What Can You Expect To Take Away From The Change Leadership Group ?

The Change Leadership Group is a collaboration of thought leaders within the Australian Project Services Domain. The aim of the group is to share learnings, experiences and knowledge with the purpose to “Help Talent Achieve”
We have managed to lock in one of Australia’s leading change advisors (Paul Lee) to run this event which is exclusively invite only. This is the first event in the Change Leadership Group series.
I managed to spend some time with Paul to understand what we can expect and what attendees will be able to take away from the event.

So First Of All Who Is Paul Lee?

Paul Lee is a highly experienced change advisor who specialises in helping organisations embed new ways of working. This helps to deliver significant business and personal benefits.  Paul has over thirty years’ experience in helping organisations build capability and commitment. To continually transform and develop an appetite for change. 

A Clash of Styles

Paul Lee is extremely passionate about Change Management, not just traditional Change Management operational models, but why there is such a difference between Project Managers and Change Managers. There is an evident clash of styles between the two and Paul is eager to discuss these different methods. Whether these methods are appropriate for that change within the organisation.
Paul will look into the typical fundamental operational models used rather than the gradual tweaks within a business. This will be covering change processes, technologies, structure, culture and the challenges that we face.
Another area that Paul will touch on will be around businesses that are now running projects or programs alongside BAU projects.
Major Challenges that Program Directors and Change Managers are faced with is that they are restricted when it comes to resources. Many organisations are reducing resources in organisations due to cost pressures. As a result they must now adopt more streamlined methods of resource utilisation.
This is going to be a great interactive opportunity for specialists within Project Services to share their thoughts and discuss these topics but also take away a model or an approach to use successfully on future projects.
You can expect to leave this session with insight and knowledge along with a model that you can implement into your current working model.

More Information About Paul

Paul is passionate about ensuring that leaders take total responsibility for the changes they require. The adviser role is to ensure a successful process is in place to help the local teams succeed.
For fifteen years Paul was a global Partner with a major international consulting firm leading the change practice for Australasia, Asia and Africa. Since that time Paul has operated in a long-term relationships with leading organisations including Rio Tinto, Qantas Airways Ltd, Australia Post, Broadspectrum, Federal Departments and State Government Agencies in the Health and Education Sectors.
Paul is especially keen to explore how project teams can be more effective in driving successful outcomes through establishing trusted partnerships at all levels of an organization. Paul is particularly critical of the step by step methods employed as change management approaches in the industry.

Interested In Attending?

If you would like to attend or understand more then see below.