What can you expect at the 2018 NRL DataJam?

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I am very excited to be announcing the teams and panel for the third Australian, rugby league DataJam and this year will be our biggest and best yet! Here is what you can expect at the 2018 NRL DataJam:

What is a DataJam?

This is a type of hackathon focused on specific data sets. The outcome produces visualisations, analytics and apps based on this data. A datajam is a technically orientated event where people solve problems using data sets. The events can produce visual data, analytics and applications that can be used in everyday life. Here’s what to expect from the 2018 NRL DataJam.


So simply put it is a hackathon with data. In our eye’s hackathons were created for hacking and web development so we thought we would create a new name for the data world, hence DataJam. A group of analysts and statisticians coming together to create actionable insights from a data set.

From a Rugby League perspective using the data provided the teams will be able to look at in game actions that influence results, how player movement changes the game and much more.


Competing Teams

As you could imagine the interest was huge for this event. What can you expect at the 2018 NRL DataJam? You can expect twelve teams with around 60 data analysts in total from some of Australia’s leading organisations.

Accenture        CBA                 Facebook Google Cloud               UNSW   PWC      UTS                          SAS       MediaCoM  Quantium


Judging Panel

Well, we are really proud to have THE BIGGEST names from the NRL as part of the panel. James Chiswell is the brains behind the operation on the NRL side and is employed as the Stats Program Manager. James will be making sure the technical work is robust! The 3 key judges are:

Judging Panel

What are the benefits to NRL?

The benefits are numerous but the key thing being that the NRL have 70 of the strongest analytical minds in Australia working on their data for free! They will be looking to gather insights from the data provided which will be involve in-game player action data. The NRL will then be able to take this information back to the clubs benefiting everyone involved.


How can you attend/follow the DataJam?

The event is at maximum capacity and unfortunately, we can’t accommodate any more of us at the Google offices here in Sydney. However, using the #NRLDataJam will allow you to keep up to date with the action on the 30th. There will also be plenty of content put out after the event through the www.NRL.com  and www.precisionsourcing.com.au websites.


What other events do Precision Sourcing host?

In the past 3 years, we have launched successfully ‘Women In Data’, the ‘SAP Knowledge Share Group’, the Change Leadership Group and Codechiefs as well as Australia’s very first ever sporting DataJam in partnership with NSW Rugby League and ansarada.


How can you get involved?

You can host an event, attend an event, speak at an event, blog or give us an idea and we can partner with you to create an event.  The opportunities are endless. The key factor is that Precision Sourcing events have to be unique and be true to our purpose of ‘helping talent achieve’.

Events are the unique part of the Precision Sourcing business.  By hosting innovative and engaging events, we build deeper relationships within our talent communities.