Women in Data – A strategic workshop review!

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Precision Sourcing hosts some fantastic events – particularly Women In Data. Reading up on past events and looking at some of the content covered, I was over the moon to experience my first Women in Data event! This event, I’m told, was a little different to what Precision has done in the past. A workshop held over two hours, with the aim of educating attendees on how to build and get buy-in for their data strategy.  I could see how much collaboration took place in a room full of strangers from all different backgrounds. All with the same goal: to improve their ability to influence and think strategically.

 Women in Data Workshop

We were very lucky to have the brilliant Canva host us at their stunning offices. Sponsored by Accenture, this interactive workshop saw teams of 12 paired with a coach – an expert in this field. The coaches did a fantastic job assisting the teams through the activity, providing support and sharing their knowledge. The night kicked off with a few words from the founder of this inspiring event series – Leisha Morrison. Followed by Gina Choutis – a skilled manager in Accenture who gave a rundown of what to expect throughout the night.

 As the clock ticked away, each team had one hour to work together and come up with their strategy to present back to the judges. Each team hoping to be one of the finalists. It was a spectacular sight. It was inspirational to see people thrive out of their comfort zone surrounded with people they had never met before. Much like a well-oiled machine. The room felt like a safe-haven, where you were encouraged, supported and most of all – excited! Even standing on the sidelines I could feel the room buzzing. Not just with happiness and enthusiasm, but with knowledge and ideas – I was surrounded by geniuses!

Women in Data Workshop

Time was soon up! Each group waited for the judges to come to their table and present their ‘elevator pitch’ in under 3 minutes. The judges admitted that the decision was tough! Everyone had put so much thought, effort and diversity into their final work and they were extremely impressed! It was a competition at the end of the day so the judges had to bite their nails and choose the top 3 teams. Safe Wires, Robo Gym and Reach Higher were the three finalist groups!

The three groups of technical superstars took the mic and presented their strategies in front of the entire audience. Each group stepped out of their comfort zone and gave remarkable presentations. Yet again, the judges faced an unbelievably tough decision. But in the end, one group did take away the golden prize – 6 months of individual coaching from each of the astonishingly talented coaches. Robo Gym!

 The night concluded with a closing speech by Leisha and Gina, and with everyone in the room feeling like they had made some new friends. The teams put together some incredible work and had learned some valuable skills. Skills that they can go and implement in their career moving forward.

I am extremely proud to have been part of an event that inspires, educates and helps talent achieve. It was a privilege to have been in a room with such talented individuals who want to encourage each other and give everyone an equal go. Knowing that this is what Women In Data stands for makes me extremely excited to be a part of the next one!