Understand How Your Colleagues & Team Feel About The Effect Of COV19

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Understand How You Can Make An Impact On Your Team’s Wellbeing & Life

As a leader within SAP, Data or Project Services are you aware of how your employees and future hires/colleagues feel about the effects of COV19 and their future well-being?


Are you aware that productivity is closely connected to wellbeing?  We reached out to the above work forces in Australia to further understand how they feel RE;


  • The prospect of physically returning to work
  • The correct balance of work from home / office
  • The impact of COV19 on their personal and friends / family’s wellbeing


As a leader now more than ever is the time to deeply understand your teams and how they feel.  Only by truly understanding them can you make the necessary changes to make a meaningful impact on their wellbeing and life’s.


Read the report here.