Training: Essential Skills in the Modern Data World

Data, Development

To remain competitive, savvy data professionals are leveraging these uncertain times to invest in their technical capabilities and learn complimentary data skills. Hiring managers in the data space are realising the need to bring in professionals who can not only manage and deploy large-scale data infrastructure and analytics but also build and deliver compelling and action-oriented data visualisation and storytelling.



Felipe Rego’s data visualisation and storytelling training program gives participants a practical and fresh set of concepts, techniques and approaches to building data visualisations and storytelling that resonate well with audiences. Requiring no prior knowledge and delivered through a live and online interactive approach with lots of multimedia and activity-based content, participants of this program emerge transformed and ready to revamp their data teams and work output.

It enables professionals to improve the way their data reports and dashboards look like so managers can take more decisive data-driven action. Participants can guide their teams and their leaders/executives on more appropriate ways to communicate with data. Leaders can learn what to expect and how to assess good quality data visualisation projects and teams.

Ultimately, participants gain a strongly marketable skill set and teams end up gaining a competitive edge in building, managing and enhancing their data visualisation and storytelling capability. Find training session here.