German’s perception of the land down under!

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German’s perception of the land down under!

Back to Australia, and the rest is history…

Let me tell you a bit more about the “and the rest is history” part and my Australian journey thus far. Oh, and the stereotypical German’s perception of the land down under!
There is something about this country, that puts you under a spell. Hence why I’m doing it all over again after previously having lived and worked here on a work and travel visa.
kangaroo sighting

SYD 2013-> FRA 2015 ->SYD 2017

… nek minute I’m back on Australian soil, surrounded by snakes and crocodiles…
My feet have barely touched the tarmac and I’m already concerned for my safety! Drama aside, I have finally arrived back where I belong!
I breathe a sigh of relief. I have never felt more at home. As my favourite saying goes: “Is home where you were born? Or where you feel like you can be yourself?”
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Perception vs reality

When I first touch down in Australia after a short 28 hour flight, I have to check out the beach life right away. I make my way to the quintessential Bondi Beach only to discover that not everyone who wears active wear is active! Instead they are actively sipping chai lattes!
It was also hard to believe that not everyone who has long hair is a ‘surfer’! But in all honesty the entire fitness hype positively motivates me to get up early every morning to jump on board the Australian lifestyle! – Who would want the Aussies to point at you saying “Ze lazy Germans”?
Germans usually take it easy after a busy work week… not in Australia! I will never forget my first proper Aussie job and my first ever “Friday” in the office. The office sink was full of liquor and ice. I was under the impression it was to celebrate my welcome… I was very wrong. Australians?
They. Can. Drink.
Fridays here definitely take on a whole different meaning! They are like Christmas, Easter and your birthday combined!
(see below…)
Christmas Party

I should have picked bananas…

Australia was too good to be true but my working holiday visa was expiring, and I said goodbye to Australia and hello to Germany. (Although only for a short stint) I had to adhere to parental obligations and of course to gain valuable recruitment experience!
I quickly discovered that my parents had replaced me with a small fluffy dog named Toby and that I hadn’t missed anything. Germans still drive on the right side of the road!
(Can’t blame them…)
pet dog
Ahhhh, Germany. We may get 6 weeks of annual leave, have a great health system, plus beautiful scenery wherever you look, but the summers just don’t last long enough! A fact that rubs off on everyone’s mood!

End of the story…

I had friends and family calling me crazy, as I had a great job, an apartment in the CBD and 6 weeks of annual leave.
However returning to Australia was too tempting and Precision Sourcing seemed like the perfect company to work for!
So here I am, back in Sydney, HELPING TALENT ACHIEVE!
Irrespective of the contrasts of Germany versus Sydney, I have never been happier than now. (I do miss a good “bratwurst” though).
I have a great job with a fantastic team and I’ve been lucky enough to follow my gut and my feet up all the mountains and down through the valleys, as the sun in Australia shines almost every single weekend!
Blue Mountains
And in hindsight it turns out, Aussies are not just surf bums and full time “beautiful”, they actually have jobs!
If you take anything away from this, don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do this or you’re too old to chase dreams! Just follow your heart and trust me, it won’t lead you astray!!!
I’m looking forward to helping more talent achieve and I’m very excited for what the future holds in this beautiful country I call ‘home’!
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