Sabrina Schmidt

Executive Business Analyst Recruiter

Sabrina is originally from a small town called Darmstadt located in the South of Germany. Sabrina completed a BA in Sociology before moving to Sydney Australia on a working travel visa. After returning to Germany, Sabrina started a role as an Account Manager/Recruiter in Frankfurt gaining two years of valuable experience in the industry.

After tasting the glorious Sydney weather and way of life, Sabrina was determined to return to Sydney. The rest is history! Precision Sourcing welcomed Sabrina with open arms.

Which two Precision Sourcing Team members would you take with you in a Zombie Apocalypse?

I’d take Sara De Cruz as she always keeps her cool  and our resident bogan Lauren Goodwin for the quintessential entertaining Aussie experience.

What chocolate bar would you be a?

I’d be a bounty chocolate bar-the taste takes me straight back to Fitzroy island.

Where is your favourite place in the world?

In the arms of my future husband.