Rick Nassar

Finance Director

Rick, co-founded Precision Sourcing in August 2005. Precision was born to fill a niche in the staffing market that focused on roles with a crossover in Business and Technology. His first objective in the new startup was to implement robust systems and processes that could adapt to the aggressive growth strategy of the business. Together with the Finance team, Rick oversees the complete finance function and is responsible for the continued growth and profitability of the business.

Rick is a keen a surfer and is passionate about property investments and renovations.

What makes you unique in your field?

I have always been a numbers person and actually interested in Finance and Accounting. I recall submitting my first tax return at the young age of 16. Soon after, I was completing tax returns for family and friends whilst I was still in school!

Why do talented people trust you as a recruiter?

I am not a recruiter but if I were I would follow the core values of the company and ensure accountability and integrity at all times.

What is your greatest achievement?

Apart from the obvious, my beautiful family, I would have to say being part of the Precision Management Team. Oh yeah, and getting photographed tucking into a barrel in the Maldives!

What would your friends say about you?

No idea. Funny, good looking, charming and outgoing? Ha!

Who would you invite to a dinner party?

Robin Williams (yes I would bring him back), Richard Branson and Tiger Woods. We would laugh, we would cry, it would be an emotional roller coaster of a night!!