Laura Nailard

Executive BI Recruiter

After finishing a BCom at Otago University in Dunedin, Laura Nailard worked herself up the country starting as an administrative assistant in a Christchurch Engineering consultancy. Following this, Laura became a recruiter in Wellington, NZ. In this role, Laura recruited for various industries including office support, engineering and manufacturing. Laura then decided to make the move to Sydney, Australia and join the Precision Sourcing team after having a SnapChat conversation with Emily Nota in the Analytics team, an old friend from university.


Laura Nailard specialises in the permanent Business Intelligence market with team member Joel Stein. There are also three others in the wider data team specialising in the Analytics market. Laura’s focus areas are data warehousing, data visualisation, data integration, big data, data governance, database administrators, data solution architects and data modelling. Laura has been in the recruitment industry a total of 1.5 years and at Precision Sourcing for 9 months. Laura thoroughly enjoys the people she works with or has worked with throughout her career thus far!


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