Jaden Louise Dowd

Marketing & Operations

Contact Jaden:

Telephone: 02 8246 7705            

Email: jaden@precisionsourcing.com.au

Jaden Louise Dowd is originally from Sydney, Australia and has been with Precision Sourcing as the Digital Marketing & Operations Coordinator for 18 months. After years as an office manager and PA, Jaden studied Digital Marketing at the renowned college General Assembly paving the way for her new position amongst the Precision Sourcing team.

Jaden also studies nursing at UTS in her spare time and is an advocate of health & fitness.

Which two Precision Sourcing Team members would you take with you in a Zombie Apocalypse?

Joel Stein- Always has the answer to everything.

Sara De Cruz- Uber intelligent and has good chat.

What chocolate bar would you be ?

Raffaelo. Wild, exotic, super soft and overly sweet. A giant NUTTER on the inside.

Where is your favourite place in the world?

Probably on her boyfriend's couch looking out on Sydney Harbour.

LinkedIn Recommendations

Vicky Tang
Manager Project Manager Lee Hecht Harrison

"Jaden is an energetic and enthusiastic worker. We threw all sorts of tasks at her from brochure ans website design, data cleansing to cold calling and she did it all with speed, accuracy to detail, creative flair and she simply got on with the job without complaint. Any organisation would be lucky to have her. We're only sorry we couldn't keep her for longer!"

Joel Stein
Associate Director Precision Sourcing 

"We dropped Jaden in to a role and industry that was completely alien to her with about 1 day of training! She has excelled in picking things up quickly, rolling with the punches and is a massive part of our business now. To work in a dual role is always hard but Jaden has taken to every task with aplomb and I am really glad she is part of the team."

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