How to survive that first week back at work!

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Welcoming in the New Year is an amazing feeling. Especially in Sydney. Summer is here and the time is right, for dancing in the street. Or so the song goes anyway! Time spent with family, beautiful food and long days in the sun only then to have it all ripped away from you at that first week back at work.

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I can’t complain- we have a great work family and a fun work environment. It was amazing to catch up with everyone and hear about their holidays of glory. Some frolicked in the snow in Russia or ate waaaay too much Christmas ham in England. Others drank wine on vineyards in NZ, and some of us (like me) lazed about Sydney’s beaches with loved ones and friends.

Our first morning in the office flew on by- checking emails, and making sure everything was organised! However, as the afternoon set in the energy waned. You could sense that that post-holiday blues feeling was kicking in. Without submitting to defeat or running away with the circus I decided to create a plan for myself to get me through this first world problem. The cruel reality check that the party is over people!


1. Firstly- The party is not over!

Although it seems like the party is over- it really isn’t. We have some great incentives that we are working towards at work which include an awesome day out on the harbour next Friday with the whole team on a boat! How good is that? We also have a potential trip to the Hunter Valley and every day is a fun day at the office. Not to mention my personal fun events in the pipeline. Summer is still here- in fact for nearly 2 more months so there will be plenty of weekends at the beach and after work swims. Friends also still have their birthdays- I have 2 coming up in the next 3 weeks 😊

2. Stay Hydrated

Summer is here and I am sure you have all been consuming that little bit extra in the alcohol department. Did you know that for every standard drink you consume (10 mg of pure alcohol) you are likely to urinate 100 mL more than you drink, leading to dehydration? If you don’t have one already I highly suggest buying a 2L water bottle and keeping it on your desk. Rebel Sport sell them here.

3. Be realistic with New Year’s Resolutions

Every new year I say the same things. Eat less, drink less, train more. But to say that you are going to eliminate sugar, or quit smoking cold turkey can just be setting yourself up for failure. I am going to enjoy a glass of red wine tonight with my dinner. One glass. My new year’s resolution was not to drink white wine and limit red wine to one or two glasses. Which is completely manageable. Be kind to yourself- we are only human.

4. Start a new hobby

This one is fun. My exercise regime was getting a little boring by the end of 2017. So boring that I did minimal exercise over the break which is so not like me. My boyfriend and Aunty are Jiu Jitsu advocates so I thought I would give a beginner class a whirl. I tell you what- there is nothing like wrestling another human being out of a mounted hold to get your blood pumping and excited for the new year. It inspired me to book in again tomorrow and the goals of getting belts and competing for medals is really motivating. I love having a new challenge. Especially one that kicks my ass. Literally.

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5. Make regular catch ups with friends

Just because you are back at work, doesn’t mean you can’t still have QT with your mates. They are back at work too so you need each other now more than ever. Arrange to go for a walk at lunchtime or an early bite after work. I plan on going for a run with one of my friends through the botanical gardens tomorrow. Sweating out the toxins and catching up on gossip!

6. Book a holiday

Nothing gets you through post-holiday blues and the first week back at work better than booking a new holiday and having something to look forward to. I always need something to look forward to and to work towards. I turn 30 in March and am looking forward to spending some time away in Bali.


7. Set yourself some career goals

Think about what you want to achieve in this new year. Are there skills you want to hone in on and master? Are there new skills you would like to attain? Do you want to start a new job or change career paths? The new year inspires thoughts around work and career and there is never a better time to set yourself into motion. For me I want to increase my Adobe Suite knowledge and attend more Digital Marketing meetups and networking events. What are yours?

8.  And finally, Australia Day is under 2 work weeks away. That means a long weekend to celebrate how awesome Australia is! YES!

Australia Day