How Did SAP Leaders Adapt To An Everchanging Environment In The Last 12 Months?

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Over the last 12 months we have experienced a massive shift in the working ‘norm’, With the world going into a global lockdown in 2020 organisations had to adapt in order to survive, this led to remote working, salary reductions, and worst of all redundancies.

We noticed that during the Global Pandemic and the shift in the working norm, wellbeing became a crucial factor for employees and employers to maintain a healthy workforce. Many organisations adapted and thrived with staff wellbeing.

Precision Sourcing run a yearly talent survey and we had the opportunity to speak to the local Australian SAP market to understand more about their drivers and how their employers adapted and adjusted to increase their employee’s well-being.

Therefore, we have collated the data and put together a quick overview of wellbeing improvements which were made in 2020/21

Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Wellbeing Changes

  1. Daily check in calls, virtual meetings
  2. Provide employees with a flexible working environment, giving them the opportunity for remote work / onsite split
  3. Provide employees with access to mental and physical health care programs and support groups
  4. Clear and transparent communication from the leadership team, business transparency and offer reassurance on employment
  5. Technology & home office support by providing employees with suitable WFH equipment such as (Laptop, Office Chair, Desk, Monitor etc)
  6.  Monthly health & wellbeing activities such as (Step challenge, sleep challenge, meditation etc)
  7. Staff care packages during lockdowns


How did your leaders compare to the above.  What did they adapt successfully ?