“It’s Not You, It’s Me” – What Is The Right Way To Let People Go ?

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2021 will be the year we see the full impact of COVID and the deepest recession since the great depression.   As leaders and businesses it is imperative that we ensure the departure of employees is managed with even more thought, investment and care as our onboarding processes.

Humanistic and empathetic leaders are standing out in 2020 and will continue to do so as we manage the ongoing effects of this year.

Precision Sourcing has partnered with Leading Well to deliver our candidate and client transition coaching and outplacement services.  In this short video I discuss with Leading Well’s Vanessa Fudge how employees can create a more positive experience for exiting employees.



Transition coaching and outplacement services is our unique way of ;

  • Offering support and guidance to those individuals who require alternative direction when navigating a career change
  • Allowing employers to offer a bridge and service to employees as they transition out of the business.


If you have any further questions and would like to explore either transition coaching or outplacement services please reach out.