Precision Sourcing – Winner of the “best use of recruitment technology award” – Recruitment International Awards

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Precision Sourcing – Winner of the “best use of recruitment technology award” – Recruitment International Awards

Precision Sourcing are delighted to announce that we won an award for the best use of recruitment technology at the Recruitment International awards in Sydney.  Ok, it isn’t an Oscar and we won’t be sitting around a table with Elon or Zuckerberg anytime soon but for the team at Precision it was a big deal and this is why.


About 3.5 years ago the leadership team at Precision decided that it was time for change.  Dormant talent was becoming harder and harder to source via traditional routes and as a technology and data staffing business we felt that we should be really leading from the front within, well, Data and Technology of course.


Historically we were old school when it come to technology.  We are probably responsible for a significant amount of deforestation and we thought we were pretty cool with our cartoon profiles on the website.

So what did we do?


We looked at the wider market, spoke to people who we trust and came up with a plan. Or let’s be honest…we paid for someone to write us a digital, technology and data strategy.


What did we then execute;


  • A cloud based CRM system
  • A fully integrated end to end marketing tool
  • An artificial intelligence tool that allows us to search 24/7 for profiles
  • Business Intelligence tool allowing us to quickly understand productivity
  • Data Analytics – google analytics
  • An electronic signature application
  • A comprehensive digital marketing / social strategy
  • Sharepoint
  • Skype for business
  • EDM tool
  • MS Surface Pro x 2 screens (we are no longer that recruiter walking down Pitt St with a compendium, we carry a Surface Pro)
  • Hot desking

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How did we implement the above?


We put it in and encouraged the team to get on with it.  I think it’s called agile……

To be fair we invested heavily on change management, took the team on a journey and trained, tested, trained, tested and repeat.  We also changed our role descriptions and review formats to reflect that of a modern recruiter.


What was the outcome?


Well aside from winning a pretty cool award we have experienced a significant uplift in the business in terms of P&L.




We can quickly access dormant talent that others can’t reach, we can easily stay in touch with that talent and then attract them to us as a trusted partner, if and when they decide it’s time for that new position.


What were the other benefits?


  • Recruiters who are now free to focus on more productive activities – you know how much business is done in the pub right?
  • The ability to understand and focus on data quickly to make informed decisions
  • Greater brand reach and marketing capability
  • More understanding around the key rations and outcomes
  • Enthused team


“As recruitment rushes to automate its processes the smart operators understand that at the same time we need to increase the human touch”- Greg Savage