Outsourcing / Offshoring – How can you get the best out of it?

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Outsourcing / Offshoring – How can you get the best out of it?

Outsourcing & Offshoring is an emotive topic and one most people generally have a view on – based on their own experience.

Precision Sourcing were lucky enough to have 44 clients listen to outsourcing/offshoring guru Rob Gaunt on the subject.  Rob has written a book on the subject and has worked in outsourcing/offshoring since 1997 with organisations across the UK and Australasia.

So what did Rob cover at this interactive and collaborative Precision Sourcing event?

He asked the audience who is ‘for’ and who is ‘against’ – the split was surprisingly 50/50.

Rob kicked off with a few quotes that opened up peoples thinking and then explained that the objective was to cover “how do I survive or even thrive in an outsourced environment…..or get the hell out and away from it”.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!“

Upton Sinclair



After clarifying some terms Rob went on to cover the top 10 outsourcing hell indicators to much amusement.  Do any of the below resonate with your own experiences?



Do you agree with the below?


Rob covered some indicators for low risk outsource work that companies should certainly consider when deciding what to and not to consider outsourcing.


The flip was that Rob was also able to provide what should not be outsourced based on his experience.  Again this created huge discussion amongst the group.


Perhaps the most useful knowledge shared was Rob kindly advising – what to do if your organisation is outsourcing? Any ideas?


Most importantly the group discussed the importance of not getting on the news for the wrong reasons.

What are your thoughts and experiences on outsourcing and offshoring?

Does any of Rob’s thoughts resonate?

If you would like to connect with Rob you can do so here https://www.linkedin.com/in/robertgaunt/