How to Effectively Lead a Fully Remote Workforce


Advice from Senior Data & Talent Leaders

In the last couple of weeks, we have experienced a huge change in how those within the world of Data and Talent Acquisition work, interact and most importantly stay healthy.

We noticed very quickly that during the recent COVID19 crisis, there has been a huge amount of content and information RE: how to effectively work from home.  All very useful and worth a read.

However, from speaking to leaders within our community, it is apparent that we are not accustomed to effectively leading large teams/projects with a remote workforce.  While we may have delivered pockets of projects or via overseas vendors/partners, we have never delivered a full project, across many months where everyone is isolated, including the leaders who are accustomed to being so visible.

We therefore reached out to a number of Data and Data Talent Acquisition leaders who are currently in the thick of ongoing projects and asked them what they are doing to effectively lead and deliver their projects today.  In short, how are they adapting and changing to deliver.

The information below has been put together at short notice, as a quick guide – apologies for any grammatical or spelling errors.

Thank you to the great leaders who shared their ideas below- a good example of how people can pull together and work through these challenging times.

From the insights above we will soon put together a leading from home framework for leaders and distribute accordingly.

Please note that the team at Precision Sourcing are safe and well and fully operational remotely from home. If we can help in any way, please reach out.