How Structure Can Maximize Performance

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Roisin Parkes

What can you expect from the 3rd Code Chiefs Event?

Attendees of Precision Sourcing’s 3rd Code Chiefs are lucky enough to be able to listen and collaborate with two fantastic speakers from the world of tech here in Sydney. If you want to maximize your team’s performance, keep reading.

I am going to focus this blog on our first speaker who is Roisin Parkes the CTO of Gumtree.  Roisin is a regular public speaker as well as a super talented CTO who in 2017 presented at the CTO Summit in Sydney


What Will Roisin Be Talking About?

‘Inclusion before diversity’ will form a large part of Roisin’s presentation!

Diversity is a huge challenge in the tech world here in Sydney. But before tackling the issue of diversity, Roisin is going to take us through the importance of inclusion and how leaders in tech can structure their teams to optimize performance.

Roisin will be challenging the audience to think about how inclusion will affect a team’s performance and how diversity then comes afterwards.

Imagine this – your business has 10 scrum teams with 9 men working in each, and then you hire 10 women.

What team would you put the 10 women in?

How would you approach the challenge of distributing the women employees accordingly keeping in mind inclusion and performance? How will you ensure that they will stay long-term?

Roisin will demonstrate the findings from recent research into how to tackle such a challenge and the ratios that offer optimum performance.

Expect to leave Code Chiefs understanding the importance of having a clear inclusion strategy before executing a diversity recruitment policy.

More Background On Roisin

Roisin has been in the tech industry for 20 years, starting out as a software engineer and then moving into Product and Strategy before taking on the role of CTO at Gumtree.  Last year Roisin was named in the CIO50 for 2017.  As a child Rosin was always fascinated with tech, starting to code at the age of 9 with her brothers.  Even now Roisin is teaching her own kids to code and she is very passionate about making coding accessible for everyone.

If you are a female CTO/CIO then you may be interested in connecting with Roisin to understand more about the female CTO/CIO meetup group Roisin is launching soon.

Connect with Roisin on Linkedin.

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