Change Leadership Group | Outsourcing & Offshoring – What are the pros and cons – is it worth it?

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Change Leadership Group | Outsourcing & Offshoring – What are the pros and cons – is it worth it?

What can you expect from the Change Leadership Group v1.3?


On Thursday 21st March 2019, we will be hosting our 3rd instalment of the Change Leadership Group where we invite thought leaders within Project Services, to share learnings, experiences, and knowledge around the topic of Outsourcing & Offshoring.

Rob is going to focus on a few key areas on outsourcing/ offshoring from how terribly wrong it can go through to the biggest causes of car crashes and if you are in the middle of it, what are the red flags to look out for.


This will be an interactive session and an opportunity to;

  • share challenges and pain points
  • success stories
  • how collectively we can leverage a positive outcome if faced with the outsourcing/offshoring challenge


There is a lot to debate when it comes to Outsourcing/ Offshoring with pros and cons for both. The aim is to provide organisations with a competitive edge and can also result in easier management and better productivity based on how effectively the process is managed. Unfortunately, there are challenges and its not always plain sailing.


Pros to consider

  • Better revenue realization and enhanced returns on investment
  • Lower labour cost and increased realisation of economics of scale
  • Tapping into a knowledge base for better innovation
  • Frees management time, enabling companies to focus on core competencies while not being concerned about outsourced routine activities
  • Increases speed and the quality of delivery of outsourced activities
  • Reduces cash outflow and optimizes resource utilization



Cons to consider;

  • Possible loss of control over a company’s business processes
  • Problems related to quality and turnaround time
  • Sluggish response times coupled with slow issue resolutions
  • Shortcomings in performance vis-à-vis expectations
  • Lower than expected realization of benefits and results
  • Issues pertaining to lingual accent variation
  • An irate customer base coupled with enraged employee unions

Who is Rob Gaunt?


  • Rob started his career as a Project Manager, moving up through the ranks to transition into a role which essentially is to go into organisations and run programs whilst reducing operating costs.
  • Successfully delivering programs to outsource/ offshore their IT, Finance, HR, and Procurement functions to consolidate spend and automate processes.
  • Rob has most recently written an award-winning book called ‘Eliminate Automate Offshore – Why our careers are facing extinction’ –


If you are interested in attending this invite-only event reach out to the project services team at Precision Sourcing at