What can you expect to learn from attending Code Chiefs?

Code Chiefs

What can you expect to learn from attending Code Chiefs?

Attendees of Precision Sourcing’s 3rd Code Chiefs event will be lucky enough to be able to listen and collaborate with two fantastic speakers from the world of tech here in Sydney.
This short blog is about our second speaker – Dan Draper (VP of Engineering at Expert360). Dan has been cutting code since the young age of 10! Aside from leading the team at Expert360 Dan is a regular public speaker, documentarian and technologist.

How Will Dan Be Able To Help You?

The aim of Dan’s presentation is to offer the audience some real-life practical tips to execute in your company. To improve performance via diversity.
As a white male in leadership the diversity learning curve for Expert360’s VP of Engineering, Dan Draper was steep. Dan has worked hard at promoting an inclusive workplace. As a result, Expert360 now has approximately 35% women participation in engineering and 50/50 across the company.
Dan will share some practical advice on building diverse, high performing teams in the work place. This is achievable by changing the way you advertise, structure interviews and onboard.
Dan inherited an engineering team with a female engineers ratio as low as 6%. The increase in percentage is an outstanding change, made in less than a year! You will learn how to make impact and some of the most valuable tips that will allow you to grow diversity in your organisation.
Any business leader interested in improving performance will take away valuable knowledge from Dan’s informative and insightful presentation.
Ksenia Expert360

More about Dan

Dan is a passionate technologist and entrepreneur. Dan has founded and grown two startups and had a good share of both successes and failures.
Whilst enjoying the business side, Dan is still very much an active coder. Dan has worked on various large apps that need strong attention to code quality. As well as the analysis and selection of appropriate design-patterns and architectures.
You can get in touch with Dan here;
Dan Draper