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I provided an insight to the SAP market just after Easter when the world as we knew it was in the infancy of change. We certainly are in for a bumpy ride as we learn the true fate of the impact COV19 will have on the economy. As ever all 5 of our talented SAP recruiters at Precision Sourcing have continued to speak to a minimum of 100 people per week and the insight, we can offer at this stage is that;

  • Large professional services have made substantial changes whether that be org changes, processes or what we have recently read, redundancies. On the whole technical resources with niche skillset have largely retained their roles and are therefore still in short supply. The majority of roles that have been made redundant are middle management who are not always billable on client sites.
  • In flight SAP projects are achieving great outcomes remotely.  We have seen 3 large organisations really embrace the working from home arrangement and achieved their milestone on time. The work from home arrangement has come with multiple benefits including an increase in productivity, access to a wider talent pool in Australia and globally as a more cost effective solution.
  • New project pipeline is slowly coming back. There were several customers who were negatively affected and parked projects to get through the initial storm. Those same customers are now planning to restart the projects with 1 large utility organisation already resuming.
  • There is a softening on rates and salaries. Many organisations have re-evaluated rates of contractors and salaries of employees and SAP Talent on the whole have obliged. There are many reasons for this including travel costs, increased competition and/or general apprehension on the market. Rest assured niche SAP Talent can still command elevated rates as it is now harder to attract dormant talent when in a secure role.
  • Sustainability is the next challenge. Health and well-being are the key priorities and organisations are concerned of ‘burn out’. A productivity increase is great but sustaining it is another story. 1 organisation implemented a compulsory 10 minute gap between virtual meetings while 2 large organisations have enforced annual leave.
  • We have seen a high volume of Senior Professionals looking to start there own consulting business. This is due to several reasons including Tier 1 consultancy’s acquiring numerous excellent tier 2’s, Senior Partners and middle managers leaving Tier 1’s and the exciting technology roadmap within SAP.

I hope you found this quick update useful.  To find out a more in depth analysis of the market Precision Souring will be sending out a quarterly report. As ever, if you have any questions or ideas that could bring some much-needed positivity to the SAP world here in Australia please reach out via sap@precisionsourcing.com.au