5 Insights On the SAP Market



We have finally settled into a very different way of working at Precision Sourcing and that has given me the chance to quickly update you on the SAP market.  COV19 has certainly had a significant impact.  We have 5 specific SAP recruiters at Precision Sourcing who are speaking with a minimum of 100 people per week and the insight we can offer at this stage is that;


  1. The SAP market is generally standing up well for now.  This could be for a number of reasons however our feeling is that the number of government organisations that run SAP as well as the wide variety of sectors and industries is helping provide some stability.
  2. In flight SAP projects are in the main continuing.  We have seen a large mining and metal business in WA put a large project on hold and experienced certain phases, go-lives and releases of programs go on hold or hibernation, however the good news is the attitude and expectation we are seeing is that SAP projects are continuing overall.  The CIO from one of Australia’s leading and iconic brands informed us that their view is that this is a 9 month blip at the max and this will not hold them up moving forward with their large S/4HANA program.
  3. New project pipeline has reduced significantly.  Those organisations who are finding that the COV19 circumstances are to their advantage are focussed on delivering to their customer needs and those who are being negatively effected are parking projects for now to focus on getting through the storm
  4. SAP leaders are communicating to us that productivity has increased as teams come together and adapt to the circumstances.  Health and well-being (physical and mental) seems to be the key priority as we move deeper into the period of time we are expected to remain in isolation.  Onboarding is a challenge that the SAP market has just about adapted to after some initial issues. There are some SAP leaders / businesses currently excelling in terms of the energy, empathy and compassion they are showing a fearful workforce.
  5. High quality talent within SAP is still in short supply and those that are in positions are more reluctant to leave as they aim to enjoy the security of their current employer


I hope you found this quick update useful.  The SAP team at Precision Sourcing have a number of initiatives that we will be running over the next few weeks and months to support the greater SAP community.  If you have any questions or ideas that could bring some much needed positivity to the SAP world here in Australia please reach out.


Stay safe and have a isolated but great Easter weekend.


Jay Wynter and the SAP team