#workingmum – The Travel Edition

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The travel and tears edition #workingmum


It has been a good 8 weeks since my last #workingmum blog. I apologise for making you all wait, things have been a bit hectic…. Even more so than usual.


Here is why…..


Approximately 3 weeks ago, I got the call that I have been dreading since I moved to this country 12.5 years ago. My beloved 85 year old Grandad was taken ill and had to have emergency surgery. It was looking bleak and I knew that I had to be there as soon as possible and brace myself for the worst.


A few years ago, this would have been a lot simpler, I would have jumped on a flight with my laptop in my bag. Not thinking twice about it. Nowadays, my family have a precise routine of daycare pickups and drop offs. I usually spend Monday and Tuesdays at home with Fraser so there was a lot to get organised in a short space of time.


Thankfully, my bosses didn’t even think twice about approving my leave and supporting me…… Even more surprisingly, my partners company were as accommodating! At 9pm, I booked a flight for 6am the next day….. leaving behind my 19-month-old son and partner on a one-way ticket as I did not know what I was returning to. It was by far the worst flight I have ever taken!


3 weeks later I am back in Australia and my Grandad is on the road to recovery, so the outcome was great…. Emotional but successful!


More importantly, my close circle ie, my son and my partner thrived, and it was great to see their bond grow in my absence. I just won’t go into the state of the house on my return 😊


So, on reflection, I learnt a few things about myself, my partner and my son….


1.I need to run a tight ship to ensure a smooth life at work and at home. These past few weeks have shown that I can relax a little, life goes on….even when I am not there.

2.My partner is a great partner. He didn’t question my decision to leave him behind for an uncharted length of time and supported me. I am not an island after all!

3.My son is ok without me. This breaks my heart. But at the same time, it is comforting to think that he grows and blooms without me there behind him.


4.If I must go away again then I should hire a cleaner….


Now that I am back in the office, I am ready to continue to ‘Help Talent Achieve’ so get in touch!


Oh and thanks to Precision Sourcing for being so supportive!


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