Women in Data: How do you communicate data?

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How do you communicate data?

This was the focus of Precision Sourcing’s 6th Women In Data event held at ADMA in Sydney on Wednesday 31st May.

Gina Papapetrou (Senior Data Strategist) of Mercer Bell (leading customer experience agency) was the keynote speaker presenting to over 60 attendees.  The case study Gina kindly shared with the group was the long term relationship MercerBell enjoy with car manufacturer Toyota.



MercerBell cover data work across a variety of areas across;

  • DM campaign data extraction
  • Pre-campaign analysis
  • Deep dive analysis
  • Marketing Dashboards
  • Customer segmentation analysis
  • Data Driven campaigns
  • Post-campaign analysis deep dives

Therefore the art of communicating insights and data is key to a successful partnership.

The four principles that Gina emphasised were important are;

  • Clarity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity



Gina explained that understanding what your clients want to achieve enables you to deliver work that is relevant every time. Knowing client objectives creates purpose, therefore, allowing understanding that every piece of analysis is provided to an overarching aim.

Gina calls it customer guests, having a focus on treating every customer for Toyota as if they are entering their home. Translated to business goals, this is ensuring that every customer has a positive customer experience. This perspective aids the analysis that helps Gina and her team to ask the right questions.

Knowing what exists allows you to focus on what is possible.

They say no data is better than bad data. Gina explained that getting to know the data is essential.  Some factors to consider are;

  • Understanding the data
  • How it is sorted
  • How it is populated
  • How it is stored
  • How often it is refreshed
  • Who is responsible for it


Gina strongly advises getting to know your clients’ data before you embark on creating analysis.  It builds trust and creates a stable ground for your analysis findings to lead to business decisions.


People & Communication

Make your clients’ partners your partners.

Gina explained that getting to know the people you work with enables you to be resourceful, from a data perspective you identify who knows more than you which is about communication, ensuring collaboration, active brainstorming and transparency.   Gina and her team treat client partner agencies as if they are part of MercerBell and they have a clear understanding of what they deliver to. Communication creates transparency and trust.   By sharing work Gina and her team are able to create greater collaboration and new ideas clients.

Drip feed findings to avoid any surprises and to ensure your client is on a journey with you.



Incorporate kick-off meetings before analysis begins.  With all the preparation out of the way, Gina explains that it is time to get to work.  However, before you begin extracting data and conducting analysis, have a kick-off meeting with your stakeholders, where you first get an understanding of the work required and how the work feeds into the clients’ objectives. Become an advisor of analysis type.



Capture the essence of your findings by focussing on what this means.

Everything is interesting but if it is not applicable it’s useless.  During the analysis process, keeping the objectives of your clients in mind helps when you come to the final stage of creating insights.

Gina explains that MercerBell always creates insights that feedback to the original request, of how to improve the guest experience.

Gina ended her presentation by communicating;

  • Enable the generation of ideas through sharing your findings.  Not only does this improve data literacy internally, it also creates new ideas.
  • Learn to love learning.
  • TRUST = Clarity + Communication + Collaboration + Creativity


To see the slides from the event check out the WID website.

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