What is a DataJam?


Events are the unique part of the Precision Sourcing business.  By hosting innovative and engaging events, we build deeper relationships within our talent communities.  The 2017 DataJam is Precision Sourcing’s second DataJam event after the success of last years’ DataJam in partnership with NSW Rugby League and Ansarada.

What is a DataJam?

This is a type of hackathon focused on specific data sets. The outcome produces visualisations, analytics and apps based on this data. A data jam is a technically orientated workshop exercise where people solve problems using data sets. The events can produce visual data, analytics and applications.

So simply put it is a hackathon with data. In our eyes hackathons were created for hacking and web development so we thought we would create a new name for the data world, hence DataJam. A group of analysts and statisticians is coming together to create actionable insights from a data set.


Who are the NRL?

The National Rugby League (NRL) is the top league of professional rugby league clubs in Australasia. Run by the Australian Rugby League Commission, the NRL’s main competition is known as the Telstra Premiership due to sponsorship from Telstra Corporation and is contested by sixteen teams, fifteen of which are based in Australia with one based in New Zealand. It is regarded as the world’s elite rugby league championship and, per season, is the most viewed and attended rugby league club competition in the world. (Referenced from Wikipedia.org)


How did this event come about?

Having already conducted a very successful Datajam with NSW Rugby League in 2016 Precision Sourcing were approached by the NRL to do something similar. As there had been so much interest in the first event, and interest in when our next event would be, we felt the NRL were the perfect partner to take a DataJam to the next level.


What are the benefits to NRL?

The benefits are numerous but the key thing being that the NRL have 70 of the strongest analytical minds in Australia working on their data for free! They will be looking to gather insights from the data provided which will be across in-game data and we may also branch out to look at more commercial data around who comes to the game. The NRL will then be able to take this information back to the clubs benefiting everyone involved.


Who is taking part?

We will have 12 teams of players from a range of backgrounds in the analytics world. Not only do we have the techy statisticians and modellers involved but also commercially focused analysts and business directors who understand the value of data. It is important to not only have the technical players but also those who will be able to take this information and put it into a usable format, create actionable insights and present in a format that will be understood by rugby league coaches and players who won’t be data savvy. These players come from top businesses in Australia who are known for their prowess in the data world.


Why would people want to be involved?

Events like this give analytics professionals access to data sets that they would never normally be able to play with. This alone is enough for passionate data geeks! On top of that, we are offering some great prizes such as tickets to the grand final and signed memorabilia.


How can people get involved in events like this and would this work for other datasets?

What we are doing with this event isn’t unique but it is unique for Australian sport. A simple Google of similar events will show local and global events you can get involved with. Also, connecting with innovative data focused businesses like Precision Sourcing and following events they provide will mean you have the chance to get involved. If you are interested in having your data do more for you through an event like this, then get in touch with Precision Sourcing at:



How can I get involved?

We have a couple of spots left, and we would look for a team of 5 people who can make it on the day (5th May 2017) at Facebook’s office in Sydney. If this is something, you are keen on please contact Joel Stein on 02 8246 7706.  Remember you can also follow the event via the #NRLDataJam.




Finally, keep in touch with Precision Sourcing and their blog SourceIT.