Sarita Castillo

Data Analytics Recruiter


Sarita worked and studied in Europe since the age of 18 before moving to Australia to do her Masters at the age of 23. After graduating with a Masters degree in Corporate Law, Sarita decided to take on a new challenge in a field she felt truly passionate about. Recruitment combines her sales background, academic training and her love for technology and people.

She loves food, wine, swimming, travel and exploring anything that is unknown.


What makes you unique in your field?

I am actually the biggest fan of everyone in the analytics space. I love listening and learning about the market and about each individual and what they do to push forward this amazing “new world”!

Why do talented people trust you as a recruiter?

I am extremely passionate about what I do and genuinely care about my clients. I listen to learn and understand and I make it my priority to help others achieve exactly what it is they want.

What is your greatest achievement?

I moved to Australia on my own and have created a life with great friends that I love.

What would your friends say about you?

I just asked one and she said “daring, maybe sometimes too much, loyal, supportive and gives good advice”.

Who would you invite to your dinner party?

That’s a tough one but I think Drogo, Cersei, and Daenerys from GoT. Nikola Tesla and Travis Barker from Blink 182.

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