What is Steve Lockwood from Facebook going to present at the 1st Data Analytics Knowledge Share Group?

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Precision Sourcing will be hosting their 1st Data Analytics Knowledge Share Group on August 31st, 2017.  The purpose of the group is to share learnings, experience, and knowledge to ‘help talent achieve’. Steve Lockwood, Head of Marketing Science at Facebook, will be stepping up to be our very first key note speaker. Below is a brief overview of what can be expected from this event.


Steve’s Background

Steve has 15 years’ experience in analytics and marketing having held roles at agencies, consultancies and media organisations in London and Sydney. He has led the Marketing Science team at Facebook in Australia and New Zealand for over 3 years, focusing across many industry verticals. Steve specialises in using an understanding of media effectiveness, best practice measurement methodologies, and audience insights to drive actionable recommendations on how advertisers can grow their businesses through effective ad strategy on Facebook properties.


What do Steve and his team do?

The Marketing Science team help advertisers achieve real business outcomes and value out of advertising on Facebook properties, and more broadly across their full media mix – they make use of the data driven tools and measurement solutions at their disposal, working both with proprietary Facebook resources and a network of external partners. They are really trying to understand their clients’ goals and objectives and build robust measurement solutions with them to create the best opportunity for success.


What is Steve going to discuss at the event?

The event is all about staff and retention of staff so Steve will be sharing what Facebook’s approach to hiring is and moving on to what their mission and values are, which is a core component of day to day life at Facebook.  The values are not only used to create a clear vision and direction that everybody in the business works towards, but also to build a strong community and supportive culture in the team.   He will also talk about benefits at Facebook, and the investments they make in people in order to retain them.  Compensation is one element, but a much bigger focus is on encouraging a good work life balance, health, and well-being, and supporting peoples own personal vision and ambitions.


What does Steve want to get out of the event?

In the analytics space, Facebook’s approach to hiring is a little different from a lot of teams and they don’t focus primarily on technical skill, but more on what people can bring to the team and the clients that they don’t already have. They look for different things in personalities and things in people’s backgrounds that may not always seem immediately relevant. Steve wants to hear what other companies are doing on a global scale to combat this problem.  What do they look for outside of foundational technical skills and what problems have you had in other markets, particularly in developing markets that are so different to Australia and a challenge for Facebook?


The Analytics Knowledge Share Group was founded by Precision Sourcing and is exclusively by invite only.  To register your interest as a speaker or attendee please get in touch via analytics@precisionsourcing.com.au