What makes you buy a particular brand & what part does emotion play?

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The 7th Women in Data kicked off with a big bang of AWESOME at Havas Media last month.

As host on the night, I can now tell you that I was nervous about how the content would resonate with the audience. They were two such different topics. But what became clear was that data is so relevant to us all, when put in the right context.

Imogen Hewitt’s talk on Meaningful Brands involved sharing stats with the audience around branding. These stats came from a survey Havas completed around branding. Havas discovered that we, as consumers, place less value than you would think on brands. What’s more, our reasoning for liking brands involves way more emotion than you would expect.

Part of Imogen’s talk focused on how people buy brands because of trust, more than any other reason. In Australia, we’re actually quite logical about our what makes brands meaningful to us.

  • 41% of us buy a brand for functional reasons
  • 31% for personal reasons – it makes us happier, or gives us peace of mind
  • 28% of us buy for collective reasons such as diversity or ethics

These stats completely surprised me. What I took most from Imogen’s talk was that branding should be about meaningful connections. Meaningful connections that in turn, deliver data driven insights. Fuelling the content that we, the people, care about.

But why does meaningfulness matter?

Well because meaningful performance drives brand KPIs.

Imogen went on to explain how we could inspire more meaningful connections. Most of this was down to choosing the right content.

85% of people not only want this, but expect it from their brands.

We look to brands to educate, inspire and entertain us. With most of us insisting that a reward programme is a ‘must have’ when being loyal to a brand.

So how does this all intertwine with data?

Customer Data enables us to draw these stats. People want brands to go beyond product matter content. This is because brands in essence, are dispensable.

This resonated with me so much. In the recruitment game, you’re only as good as your last placement and our data is walking, talking and breathing! It is imperative to leverage this data to our advantage! To have candidates endorse us in the market is so important to the representation of our brand. It also makes great content!