Precision Sourcing’s DataJam 2018 will be partnering with the NRL and held at the Google Sydney offices on November 30th.

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What can you expect at the 2018 NRL DataJam?

DataJam Invite

2018 NRL Data Jam judging panel: Mal Meninga, Darren Lockyer and Karyn Murphy.


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What is the Liquidity & Flow DataJam?

The OTC derivatives and bond market is the largest market in the world. It impacts how much you pay for toothpaste in Buenos Aires to the money left after you pay your mortgage, or in Sydney after you pay the rent to somebody else’s Self-Managed Super Fund.

The problem is that there is so much activity, so much data and a general nuisance factor to cleaning it that it is very difficult to see clearly the impact the OTC market really has financial markets, let alone you, me and the rest of the planet.

Regulators are forcing OTC operators to increasingly report their transactions, be that to DTCC or TRACE or a myriad of other reporting mechanisms, but using that fragmented data to draw conclusive decisions about the past or anticipate the future is exceptionally problematic.

For this competition, LiquidityCube is providing 18 months of DTCC transaction data as a starting point. This encompasses a large swathe of the OTC derivatives transactions over the period and a huge amount of the market risk transacted globally in the period.

Do we want to know how does the activity in the OTC market flow into the greater world?

Where are the unexpected impacts of OTC activity?

Most importantly we want to know how does this historical OTC data inform on future outcomes and subsequently help make better investment decisions?


NRL DataJam May 2017

NRL Partner with Precision Sourcing for the 2017 DataJam. Read the press release on for more information on this event as well as our blog on ‘What is a DataJam?’:

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NSWRL DataJam April 2016

In an Australian sporting first, NSWRL  partnered with Precision Sourcing,  and fast growth Australian tech’ company ansarada who provide virtual data rooms, to analyse data from the past 12 years of State of Origin. Read more in the press releases below:

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NSWRL to have a DataJam to help the Blues win the State of Origin