Data Science / Analytics + Recruitment = My passion, my career, my life…

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Legally blind…?

I love what I do.

I have been in recruitment for just over a year now, and while there have been ups and downs, I couldn’t be happier. I worked in sales for some years while studying my Bachelor of Business as well as my Masters in Corporate law. Law was one of those things you convince yourself when you’re young you’d like to do. After about 500 packs of Starbursts, many many sleepless nights, and way way way too much coffee and Red Bull (never again) to get through the tough program, I realised – a bit too late – that I didn’t really want to be in law. I just wanted to help people. Therefore, after I graduated, I decided to do something that I really would have a passion for.

Being an insanely curious person as well as growing up really close to an older brother who was super into computers, coding, and anything technology, the tech space has always been very close to my upbringing and my heart. I taught myself to code in HTML (followed by courses in C++ and Java) when I was 12 and even created a website to sell some web page layouts during high school. Funny story: a friend convinced me that he could set up the PayPal account for it, and I didn’t really understand the whole process and so I let him take care of it and never really thought to check on the money. Alex, if you’re out there reading this, please get in touch 🙂


A New Chapter

Although I grew out of a lot of that as I would have never been the best programmer in the world, I always followed the tech and analytics space and it was my chosen subject to read about on ‘me time’. The realisation that I didn’t want to be in law, combined with the oversaturation of law grads in Sydney, enabled me to put all of my talents and passions together to bring me where I am now. Working in recruitment for the Data Analytics team at the best IT recruitment company in Australia – Precision Sourcing.

I’m super excited about this new chapter and to be part of the data community and part of the events here at Precision Sourcing. My first experience of Precision Sourcing’s events was the Data Jam hosted at Facebook, where analytics teams across the market worked on the last 12 years of NRL data to create insights and then present it to the NRL. Needless to say, it was a really cool event, and it was such an out-of-the box way to connect with the market and provide our clients and candidates with different ways of engaging their skills.


What now?

Last week, we hosted our first ever Knowledge Share Group in the data space to understand problems companies have with retention of staff in analytics and give them a platform to openly share their challenges and solutions with each other. What it has made me realise is that there are so many ways that a recruitment company can add value to the markets that they recruit in asides from simply filling roles. We have found a great way to connect with the entire market and provide value, and I am so excited about what the future holds for me in this space.


So this is me, I’ve settled into this role after only a couple weeks and I am excited for what the future holds for me In the Data Analytics world.