3 Things I Learnt From Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2; That We Can Use Today

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3 lessons I learned from Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2

I got a lot of love for my blog about episode 1, which I was pleasantly surprised about, so here we are again, episode 2. I’d say that as we go deeper in these blogs I’ll lose more non-GOT watchers so this may be for the hardcore fans! Things started moving this episode, leaders made some moves and I learned 3 more lessons that I would like to share:

As always SPOILERS ahead

‘We have always done it this way’ is one of the most dangerous phrases;

So, Samwell Tarly is finally growing a backbone, well sort of. He still can’t stand up to people to their face but he does have the morals to do the right thing behind their back. We heard Sam’s teacher, Archmaester Ebrose say that he would not be able to cure Jorah’s greyscale because it is impossible and the teachings say so (for major geeks google the Jim Broadbent – Harry Potter – GOT link). Now that was to be that, Sam was not to try and they would trust the old thinking. We don’t know if Sam will be able to cure Jorah yet but the odds are he will. He is trying something new, pushing himself out of his comfort zone and at least having a crack. This relates beautifully to business and daily life when we are told that things are how they are and will always be because that is how it is done. My data community will attest to the fact that this is the kind of thinking they come up against a lot in their world. I’m obviously not condoning not listening to people who know what they are talking about but giving things a go will likely not hurt!


Don’t work for a boss who will clip your wings;

This one is based mainly around Sam again but can relate to so many other characters in GOT. In addition, this relates to Dany and the fact that she doesn’t do this, making her one of the best leaders and most avidly followed. As mentioned above, Sam is in the grips of teachers/leaders who tell him what to do, when to do it and that will be that. In comparison Dany is there asking her advisors what they suggest, what moves they would make and, up until this week, it has mainly gone well for her. I think we have all questioned Tyrion’s naivety in not expecting Cersei to be one step ahead of his bloodless war idea and we have definitely questioned how Euron managed to find Yara’s fleet in the middle of an ocean. Those points aside though Dany listens to her team and this is the kind of leader you want. At times, as I mentioned last week, the leader must make a tough decision (as Dany did in going against half of her council’s wishes and following Tyrion’s plan) but you want a leader who listens, acknowledges and values your opinion/ideas.


Don’t tar a group of people with the same brush;

My favourite part of episode 2 was seeing both Tyrion and Jon trust what they have seen and their friendship. They received letters from each other, Jon’s council said “A Targaryen (Ironic as R+L=J) cannot be trusted and neither can a Lannister” but Jon said “no”, he knew Tyrion, he was not like the others. Same went the other way, Dany asked whether Jon could be trusted and Tyrion said “yes”, he knew him, spent time with him and saw him as trustworthy, even if Dany’s council were unsure. This is something I live my life by and I would hope most people do but what this teaches us is that just because you have had a bad experience with let’s say a waiter, it doesn’t mean all waiters are the same. You had a bad experience at a car dealership? Does it mean that you will have the same experience with the next? My basic point is to give everyone a chance based on them, not what your perception is of who they will be.


Finally, where are we up to with Joel’s predictions for season 7?

1) There has to be an Ice dragon at some point! – definitely no closer

2) Jorah will kill Dany – well if he survives this one increases

3) Bran has allowed the white walkers to follow him through the wall – will we ever see Bran?

4) Jon and Dany become the power couple of Westeros – seems like next episode we’ll have an idea!

5) Jamie kills Cersei – if only he would do it quicker.